QT Listview Delegates Paint

It took some trial and error to create an appropriate paint method for inactive items in an item delegate for QT’s list view. Here are some pointers.

Getting Wordpress Page IDs

Some Wordpress plugins and themes require you to supply a list of page ids. This brief video tutorial shows you how to get those IDs for a page or post.

Mary of ProVirtual Solutions suggested the Reveal IDs for WP-Admin plugin to help get the IDs .

Top 5 Web App Books

Unfortunately I don’t get much time to read, but when I do I like things that combine inspiration with action. Here are some great reads in relationship to Web Application developer or business in general. These have certainly shaped the way I approach application development and business.

  1. The Agile Manifesto
  2. Getting Real
  3. The Mythical Man Month
  4. The Cathedral & The Bazaar – Amazon or Online.
  5. The Pragmatic Programmer

Getting rid of an email account?

A friend in his newsletter, BLIANESWORLD asked:

Have you ever switched your email address? I know it is a pain, but I’m thinking
of doing so sometime in the future.

As such, I have heard that there are services that make this much easier for you
to make such a switch. If so, have you ever used such services? And if you have,
what was your reaction to them?

My answer, don’t consolidate instead.
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Yelp Is For Sale – Payday for who?

Yesterday I read in the Wall Street Journal weekend addition that Google may be purchasing Yelp. A web application that contains over 8 million reviews by people like myself. It also contains a community of people who want their voice to be heard and a large volunteer base that has promoted the site. That’s a lot of crowd sourcing to build quite the asset. $500 million’s worth to Google and possibly $750+ million to other potential buyers. Now that others have outbid Google.
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Using MSSQL with PHP – Date Format Error

If you are running with the latest version of PHP & SQL Server on Windows. Make sure you control how dates are formatted especially for smalldatetime. If you let PHP use its built in function you could get strange results ranging from Chinese to French. Jui isn’t the same as Jul and that confuses strtotime().
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What is a PURL?

Persistent Uniform Resource Locators or PURLs can take many forms. Typically software that I use like Wordpress has this functionality built in, but they call it by a different name Permalinks like the one for this article http://www.365webapplications.com/2009/12/15/what-is-a-purl, which you can see in your browser above. It is much more friendly than the database link http://www.365webapplications.com/?p=724. In SEO you want to sure you efforts don’t get lost over time, by using these in conjunction with search engine and human friendly names. Like http://www.365webapplications.com/category/review/, which regardless of the year would always show the latest reviews. Also archives would have similar forms like http://365webapplications.com/2009/10, meaning show all articles from October 2009.
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