Web Applications are used for many different things, but in today’s economy I’m hearing of more cases where people are creating or using web applications to keep people honest. More so than ever we want to keep accountable so that we aren’t paying more than we should for services.

The first I heard of this was from an article on oDesk. They require freelancers to record screenshots on a regular basis to track that they are being productive during the hours they are spending.

I will be working on an application to keep individuals accountable to certain specifications as to their duties. Basically allowing for flexibility in how they spend their time as long as it is providing value to their employer. When companies are dealing with deficits it is important that everyone is contributing to the bottom line. Such applications are becoming an important part of business.

The final accountability change, which is probably the most important, is that the administration will be setting up recovery.gov. A web application to track the government’s spending, now that is honesty worth having.