No matter how many great applications there are out there, there will always be apps that would not be practical or serve no other purpose except to laugh your butt off. The idea to do a post on this topic came to me after realizing the hassle of managing two joint banking accounts for up to six weeks whether we used our new bank’s switch service or we faxed the necessary information directly to the respective vendors notifying them of the change of banks ourselves. Life should get less stressful with technology, right?

Jason and I began to lightening the mood by making up new automated services that would be more harmful than helpful. I checked out some on google and came up near the top. It lets you add a nice, thick piece of bacon to your favorite website.  Jason made a good point, “Hey, what’s a website without a little sizzle?” Then there is Robert Luhn who saved us all some time and compiled his list of what he says is “14 of the silliest and most redundant, tasteless or mystifying Web 2.0 sites, ” which includes his warning, “Visiting these sites may impair higher brain functions.” Thanks Riduculous Web Apps from distracting us from real work. 🙂

(c) 2009 Written by Ruth Anne Wood