I’ve been watching the statistics on this website for a while. In general most of my blog posts get mild traffic, but there are a couple movers and shakers. The common element among them is that they all solve problems, immediate problems.

I try to be future focused. Looking for solutions for myself and my clients that will assist in long term growth and preservation. These are the type of things that people hire consultants, coaches, and advisers to help them accomplish. They are not what I typically do a Google search trying to find the answer. Chances are I’m not going to do a search for “how do I create a long term sales strategy?” Instead I might search for “how do I submit a bid to the PA Department of Health?” Generally the problems I am trying to solve when searching on the web are specific and something I want to solve today.

When I end up on blog sites I sometimes bookmark them, especially if they are leaders in their industry, but most of the time I find myself on blog sites, because someone has posted a solution to the problem I am trying to solve. Here are the most popular posts on this site that speak to specific problems that people are trying to solve.

When writing a blog post that you want to become popular think, “what problem am I solving for myself and for others?” Is it an immediate problem? Are people looking for that solution? Once you have posted the article start paying attention to your statistics and see if that style worked and continue to tweak it. Then take it the next level and encourage people to support you in return by taking an action step like joining your list (hint is on the right bar of this site, next to this article), supporting your advertisers (top and right), or purchasing your product (coming soon).

Hopefully this will help you solve your immediate problem of trying to figure out how to write your next blog post so it is a success. Good luck!