On our first day of business, the co-founder, Ruth Anne Wood, was already underway on an exciting adventure with a client and friend Stash Sarifin.  They co-authored a book called "You Can't Get It 'Cause You've Already Got It," now available on Amazon.com.

Ruth Anne and Stash always dreamed of writing a book and were wondering when and how to do it.  Stash sent Ruth a manuscript of a book he had written 10 years ago, but it really didn't speak to who he was today and was written in a long continious paragraph.  Stash does not let things get in the way of his success.  He has been blind since he was an infant, but his passion for life, skating, and coaching is an inspiration for all.  They embraced the goal of writing a book together.  This passion to create something wonderful comes out in full force in this book.  I hope that you are as inspired by these two as much as I am.
As always, I encourage you to move your vision forward!

Authors: Ruth Anne Wood and Stash Sarafin
Publisher: Thriving Artist Press
Price: $14.95 on Amazon.com
 Book Cover - You Can't Get It Cause You've Already Got It