Take care of your BASE (Backup, Anti-Virus, Security, and Email) with a solid technology platform.  This secure foundation protects against the major issues a businesses faces and enables them move forward. 

Make sure you have a secure environment no matter where my business takes you.  It is the very foundation of Immersion Technologies’ own business environment and one we immediately saw could help other businesses. We created ITBASE as a comprehensive suite of applications provided by trustworthy vendors.  Each component is designed to work together to support the others and provide continuity throughout the enterprise.  These components are backup, anti-virus, security, and email.

Backup – Offsite backup is extremely important.  It enables your business to restore lost documents and data in the event of catastrophic damages to the physical office or loss of a laptop or other remote system.  It also has many secondary benefits: restore deleted files, view older versions of files, review company backup policies in a single location, and no additional equipment to maintain.  We partnered with Mozy to provide this service.  If you want to learn more about this service and its importance see our Delaware Valley Web Review article Insurance for Your Documents.

Anti-Virus – Once you have provided a secure archive of your information it is important to safeguard your system and what it contains.  Easy dropping due to rouge software on your system can be a major liability for your company.  Business news is full of examples of companies like Microsoft, Media Defender, and others who had embarrassing leaks of company information.  One important way to make sure this information doesn’t get leaked is to keep spy-ware and viruses off of all systems used to access company information.  This includes all office computers, laptops, and home computers.  After a detailed comparison of the various anti-virus suites that are available we decided to use Kaspersky .  Their security suite quietly protects computers and is very intuitive. 

Security – Review your router and network security policies for major flaws.  Also make sure that all laptops have properly configured firewall software.  A few simple steps can make all the difference between a secure and vulnerable network.

Email – In today's spam ridden world a proper and consistent email system is important.  Second is quickly and efficiently finding the emails you need.  If you find yourself spending too much time finding that important email from a couple weeks ago, you may need a system that better meets your style.  In running a business it is hard to find the time to sort through all the junk, respond to people, track conversations, and neatly file everything into categories, and then find things later when you need them.  We found and use the Google Apps Suite .  It provides excellent email filters, anti-spam, archiving, and search.  It also allows for collaboration between employees, vendors, and customers.  You can share spreadsheets, documents, calendars, presentations, and more.

 We can customize the above solutions to meet your needs.  Contact us today to see how we can work together to make your technology less painful and help your business grow.