Do you sometimes struggle to find the right solution for a site you are designing?  Or do you find yourself thinking I’ve seen that done before or even worse think, “I’ve done that before, but I forget how.” If so, this site is for you.  I’m putting notes from my daily design experiences, product reviews, and more on this site make everyday better for me, business owners, and designers. So check back often or search for a solution to your challenge.

After over 11 years creating web based solutions for businesses, non-profits, and designers I have solved some of the same problems over and over again.  All along I have professed code reuse and building component based web applications. Yet, like most people in this field I continue to cut and paste from project to project rather than work from a centralized code repository.  This blog will act as this repository for my code, but it will also be available to you as well.

To stay disciplined and continue to provide value to your business as well as mine I will post a new article every time I solve a new challenge, attend an informative event or webinar, or have a new tool to share.  These may be reviews of applications I use on a regular basis or components I have written.

As designers and programmers we continue to look for great solutions to common problems like drop down menus, forms, third party integration, etc.  This site aims to be a resource for all of us to pick up useful solutions to these problems, share thoughts, and advice.

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