Do I own my website?

I was asked today about the ownership rights of a website.  When you have a website created, how much of it do you actually own?  Not being a lawyer, but a web developer, I’m not an authority on this, but I will at least speak to some of the aspects that go into a modern website and what level of rights to the best of my knowledge you can have to them.
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Remember early Web Applications

Every nation, every endeavor has its beginnings. We often forget the tough work that was done before us to make our world easier. The long hours, the sweat, tears, and sometimes blood that gives us the freedom to blog, to learn, to read, and to create. Innovation comes from both military and civilian sources and we have both to thank for the Internet and web applications. Here are some early web applications and their developers that have changed my world. Which ones have changed yours?
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WordCamp NOLA Day 2

Great second day at WordCamp NOLA. Presentation on using WordPress as a CMS and wonderful tips on SEO.
Day 2 Notes
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Mind Your Passwords and Questions

Time and time again I run into people who have lost vital information or never got vital information they needed. In this case minding your P’s and Q’s stands for Passwords and Questions. Always make sure you have your passwords memorized or stored in a secure location where they can be accessed in your absence. Also ask questions of your vendors and make sure if they are setting up passwords for you that they give you those passwords.
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A Few of my Favorite WordPress Plugins

Having built a few sites using WordPress for a variety of different customers there are a few plugins that I keep using.

  • Akismet– Does not stop all spam comments, but certainly cuts down on them.
  • CForms – This is an amazing form builder and processor. The bloggers from delcious:days cook good code and good food. Download this from them directly rather than trying to install from within WordPress.
  • Events Manager – Both a calendar and an event registration system. For simple community and organizational events this is all you need. Even integrates with Google maps.
  • ShareThis – A bit bulking on the amount of javascript code it produces, but a great way to encourage people to spread the word organically.

Keeping your office secure

Take care of your BASE (Backup, Anti-Virus, Security, and Email) with a solid technology platform.  This secure foundation protects against the major issues a businesses faces and enables them move forward. 

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The human side of testing

I was reminded of the saying today, “Does the right hand know what the left is doing?” I got a marketing call from a client asking if I was interested in their service. It was a great confirmation that updates I made to their form software worked. It was also a confirmation that we as web developers need to make sure that the recipient knows that testing is happening.
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