Internet Explorer 8 Review

Microsoft has released Internet Explorer 8, which is currently recommended as a voluntary upgrade. With bad results especially in corporate environments of forced upgrades, they’ve made upgrading a choice, which I applaud. The new browser has it share of pluses and minuses. Here are some of the things I’ve found and what I’ve done about them.
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You Can’t Get It ‘Cause You’ve Already Got It

On our first day of business, the co-founder, Ruth Anne Wood, was already underway on an exciting adventure with a client and friend Stash Sarifin.  They co-authored a book called "You Can't Get It 'Cause You've Already Got It," now available on

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Service or Speed, which is more important?

This has been the week of discussions about shipping providers. In fact, taking a solid look at providers seems to be on everyone’s mind these days. Shipping plays a particular importance in a business, because the shipper acts as an extensions of their business and can make them look bad or good depending on the quality and speed involved.
You have to watch this movie, because it drives home the point.
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Understanding Processes Key to Long Term Success

GEMWorX LogoYesterday, Mark Talaba and I had a great conversation about processes and the long term success of businesses. While I mostly focus on how things relate to each other like Shopping Cart→Items, it is extremely important to understand the process. It is the process that is key to a successful relationship with customers and with the overall success of a business.
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CMS Made Simple

Content is the life of a website. I had a conversation today with a business owner who is struggling with his content management system and the restrictions it puts on him. Another person that was talking to a buddy of mine mentioned they didn’t like how and restricted what they could do with their blog. Every system allows for a certain level of flexibility, beyond that you have to customize. Starting with a open source content management system can help.
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Apps that are Spankin’ Good

I had a conversation earlier today with a designer and we were noticing how so many designs are copied. Everyone wants to be like the leaders in their particular market segment. Here is a list of web applications that are so Spankin’ Good that everyone wants to copy them.
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Top 3 Public Video Sharing Vendors

One of my friends asked me to review various options for embedding video into a website. In this brief article I will review the major embedded video providers like YouTube, Vimeo, and ReVVer and how you can use them with to enhance your website or application. Read more