CakePHP Auth Compontent Management

CakePHP 1.3’s Auth Component has made authentication and ACL much easier. It however, leaves most the implementation of user management to the developer. Here are some helpful lessons we have learned to make this process less painful.
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CakeFest 2010 Wrap

A quick run down of CakeFest 2010. It was great meeting a bunch of programmers and enthusiasts and finding out how they use CakePHP.

Here are my brief notes for the talks I attended and links to the presentations if I have them.

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Why bake a calendar when one already exists

Upfront warning. This is a fairly advanced topic and requires basic knowledge of CakePHP framework and PHP. This article demonstrates how you can use existing components on the web and integrate them into your application.

I was looking for a way to export data in an iCalendar (RFC 2445) compatible format. To accomplish this I created a helper class that generates this code using the iCalcreator class.
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