Understanding Processes Key to Long Term Success

GEMWorX LogoYesterday, Mark Talaba and I had a great conversation about processes and the long term success of businesses. While I mostly focus on how things relate to each other like Shopping Cart→Items, it is extremely important to understand the process. It is the process that is key to a successful relationship with customers and with the overall success of a business.
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Breaking it down


It is too easy to get overwhelmed sometimes. When I do it is almost paralyzing. I’m absorbed in the process of just trying to figure out where to start. When this happens it is often necessary to break things down into smaller pieces.
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How to create a plan to make your vison a success

My Vision 09 Today I created a visual representation of my goals for the year. It got me thinking how it is too easy to jump into a new project without a clear vision on what is trying to be accomplished. For a web application or site to be successful there needs to be goals to measure that success against.
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